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Every year in December we hold a holiday “New Year in …”. Why do we put an ellipsis? Because this is New Year in Russian, in Chinese, in Colombian,…


New Year Tale For Foreign Students

December the 23rd was the final day of classes – credit session was ahead, though! – for students studying Russian language…


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Welcome to Regional centre for testing foreign citizens of Bashkir State University!

Our centre is educational and certification organization at the same time. Here you can not only learn Russian language, but also pass your test immediately, and receive official state certificate!

In 2003 Ministry of Education of Russian Federation ordered to include Bashkir State University to the number of higher educational institutions which have right to test foreign citizens for knowledge of Russian language. We are the only centre in our area which has regional status.

We have been teaching foreign citizens since 1970s. People from USA, England, Germany, Scotland, Turkey, Colombia, Peru, China, Vietnam, Angola, Nigeria, Oman and other countries have been studying in our centre.

We guarantee efficiency and quality of our education. Our alumni successfully study at Bashkir and Russian high school institutions, work as interpreters, teachers of Russian as a foreign language, in diplomatic missions, build their business career in Russia.

Our centre is equipped with the latest computer technics. We are proud of our multimedia language laboratory supplied with contemporary software. All of this allows to make educational process easier and more effective.

We don't only study at our centre, but we also have active and fascinating outdoor life. We visit theatres, hold events, take excursions and touristic trips, and we have our sponsored children's home. 

Crossing the threshold of our centre, you become "ours", and we will help you with everything - to get invitation, visa and other documents, to solve everyday problems.

Life in Ufa is cheaper than in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in terms of lodging online, food and transportation. It's one of the most beautiful Russian cities which is located on Belaya river's coast. 

Ufa is multinational city. People of more than 100 nationalities live here in peace. That's why there's no xenophobia and nationalism.

Bashkiria, which is called second Switzerland, has very beautiful nature. Mountains, forests and rivers of Bashkiria amaze with it's magnificence. There are many historical site: world-known Capova cave (Shulgan-Tash) with rock carvings of more than 12 000 years old, ancient Arkaim settlement of about 4,5 thousand years old, Sarmatian gold of 2,5 thousand years old.

We have our own touristic routes which can be included in your educational program by your request.


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