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"New Year in …" Main Content

Every year in December we hold a holiday “New Year in …”. Why do we put an ellipsis? Because this is New Year in Russian, in Chinese, in Colombian, in Syrian, in Afghan – endless “in”. And we are glad, than we constantly add new flags on our map.

The holiday held on December the 29th of the last year was also New Year in Soviet Russian. It seemed like we got back a few decades in time – to our and our parents’ childhood – and found ourselves at the Ufa Museum Of Soviet Life. While some of the students were trying on suits of that time, others were occupied with a traditional preparation for the holiday: decorated New Year Tree, cut out paper snowflakes, dressed Olivier salad, also known in many countries as “Russian”, and – that is the most interesting – cooked real pelmeni! They had everything: a meat mincer, tears from mincing onions, not so easy for many of them process of moulding, and of course delicious pelmeni (some of which fell apart as expected). We were overwhelmed with the fact that not only girls, but boys as well kneaded and rolled out dough, learned pinching edges in several different ways with great interest.

Regardless the chosen theme, our holiday absorbed traditions of different nations: students cooked dished that are traditional in their countries, sang Latin American songs, and of course danced and played games. Khorovod (a Russian traditional dance) around the green beauty culminated this event. We were singing “Little spruce”, students were trying not to mix up words, and teachers were thinking) that students would be able to sing this song without accent already next year.

Thank you, friends, for such a friendly and merry New Year! Let it be happy!

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