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How to receive invitation for studying in Russia?

Invitation for studying is official document which is prepared by Department of passport and visa service of Russian Federation's MIA. It confirms that the student is admitted to certain university. Passport details of a student and full name of university are indicated in invitation. For receiving visa, this document should be presented to Russian embassy. Preparing invitation in MIA takes about 45 days. This invitation is valid for 90 days since the date of issue, and within these terms you should apply for your visa at Russian embassy.


What is migration card?

Migration card is a document certifying that student crossed the borders of Russian Federation legally. It is necessary document for further student's registration. It's not possible to receive registration in Russia's territory without migration card, and a student can be deported back to his country. Migration card is issued by train or plane's staff during the trip. Besides that, migration card can be received before passing passport control at the airport or when crossing the border. The card consists of 2 identical parts (A and B) which should be filled in. Completed migration card is presented to a staffer of border guard service, who checks the data and enters it in database. Before leaving control zone, it's important to make sure that you have received your part of migration card with arrival mark. It is very important to retain migration card until leaving Russian Federation.


Is it necessary to registrate visa?

After arriving to Russia, you should registrate your visa in 72 hours. International department of university is responsible for the registration. You should bring your passport, visa and 2 photos to international department.


What is registration?

Registration gives foreign student right to stay in Russian Federation during the period of registration. Usually it is for 1 year. It is necessary to prolong registration each year 2-3 weeks before the date of termination. When coming to university, student should bring required documents, which are necessary for registration in 3 days including the date of arrival. The registration usually takes 10-15 days. Original document of a student is presented to correspondent department. Registartion stamp is put in the migration card. The address of students' residence is also pointed there. For registration of passport and visa it's necessary to have passport, which is valid within 2 years. It is recommended to update passport before trip to Russia for total period of studying.


How much luggage is it allowed to bring to Russia?

If there's no general limit for weight of luggage, which a student may carry from home, then airlines permit to carry 20-25 kgs for free. The extra weight should be paid separately for each kg according to airlines' tariffs, which can be rather expensive. It is recommended to bring only necessary things, which you think you won't be able to buy in Russia. All the rest things are advisably to buy there in Russia. We recommend you to bring warm clothes, coat, boots, headdress, gloves, scarf, personal hygiene products.


What extra expenses are possible when arriving to Russia?

When arriving to Russia, students pay official registration fee, which is about $30. Sometimes university requires health certificate and HIV test results. The last one is valid for 3 months.


What are monthly average expenses of a foreign student?

The expenses for the first month of living in Russia are usualy more than the following months. The first month expenses are no less than $500, because a student must pay registration fee, buy necessary things, etc. In the future average monthly expenses for nutrition are $120-150 in "cheap" regions of Russia, and about $250-350 in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and some other big Russian cities.


How can student's parents send him money?

Parents can send money to student's bank account by telegraph transfer. It is recommended to open bank account right away after finishing registration. Usually it takes about 10-15 days. For opening bank account it's enough to deposit $5.


When should foreign student leave Russia, if he has exit visa?

If a student receives exit visa, he must leave Russia in 15 days after receiving visa. If the departure postpones, strict measures, penalty sanctions, detention and deportation can be applied. The decision on deportation is made by a special court. In case of deportation of a foreign citizen, he won't be allowed to enter Russia within following 5 years. We highly recommend students to follow requirements of immigration service.


Can I study and work at the same time?

Russian education is considered to be one of the most quality and fundamental in the world. Much attention is paid for basic theoretical knowledge of students, as well as for their practical skills. It allows students to find well-paid job and begin climbing the career ladder just after graduation. Students of Russian universities must attend all the lectures, because only knowledge received during the classroom lessons allow students to become effective and competent professionals. So, there is possibility to work only after classes or during vacation or at weekend. At first you should meet new country and learn Russian language. When you become a third-year student, you will be able to get job, but only in case you study well and attend all the classes.


Should I always have my documents with me?

We advice you to always have your documens with you. You need to show your passport and visa to exchange money, buy ticket, book hotel, and in other situations.


Should I have medical insurance?

Before arrival to Russia, you should consult with your doctor about vaccinations you will need, and to receive your medical insurance policy before leaving your country. You won't be able to get free medical service in Russia, if you don't have medical insurance. Otherwise you'll have to pay extra money. You can get medical insurance policy in Russian city. The cost varies from $0.32 to $0.97 a day depending on duration of your stay in Russia.


Who can I turn to if I have some problems?

You can call to international department or just come there. Besides, you will receive list of phone numbers of teachers and university services when you arrive. Please, use it whenever you need.


What will be, if the student get sick?

First of all, you need to contact the international department, which will help you to solve the problem. You will get free medical service only if you have medical insurance. Otherwise you'll have to pay extra money.


How can I call to a foreign country for a low price?

The cheapest way is to attend so called "переговорный пункт" (call office), which can be found in any city. Usually it is located at post offices. There you can also buy phone card, which can be used in any pay phones all over the city.

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