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Information for foreign citizens who want to pass Russian language exam for receiving Russian citizenship

Testing foreign citizens in Russian language is pay educational service with subsequent issue of document certifying level of mastering Russian language.

The cost of testing one person is calculated according to an Application 2 for the Contract № 2119-12/64 with Head centre of testing in Moscow dated 2013/02/18, and is 5330 rubles


How to pass the exam?

Step 1. Registration

Order of registration: phone 8(347)272-28-67; 8- 917-42-92-311;  8-927-32-49-729 or come to 33 Zaki Validi street, Ufa not later than the day before exam. You must have your passport and residence permit with you, and a copy of residence permit.

Step 2. Come to consultation

Consultation for all questions on exam is held each Tuesday at 11 am. Here you can:

1. Receive necessary information about upcoming exam.

2. Pass free sample testing which determines your level of mastering the language. If your level is satisfactory, you are allowed to pass the exam, and if your knowledge is not enough, you are offered to join intensive courses of preparation for exam.

For more information on courses click here:

Step 3. Come to exam

Testing is held each Wednesday at 11 am.

You must have payment receipt, passport, residence permit and copy of residence permit with you. 


Rules of passing the exam

On the day of exam you should come not later than 10 minutes before start of testing. After testing starts, you are not allowed to come into the classroom if you are late.

Don't forget to bring your passport, pen and glasses, if you use it for writing. You are also allowed to bring dictionary.

It's not allowed to bring Russian language textbooks, tape recorders, cameras, notebooks and paper into the classroom where the exam is conducted.

If a tested one breaks the discipline, he is eliminated from the classroom, his results are canceled, and the money is not repaid. This fact is registered in testing protocol.  

When time for test is over, you should hand your work over to a teacher.

Completing the test, you should finish it within the time limits. If the task is not completed, the points for it are canceled. 

Testing includes 5 subtests:

1. Grammar. Vocabulary - 45 minutes

2. Reading - 45 minutes

3. Writing - 45 minutes

4. Listening - 25 minutes

5. Speaking - 35 minutes.

In estimation the results of testing there are two levels: satisfactory and unsatisfactory. Testing is considered successfully passed, if the share of correct answers in each subtest is 65% and more, and you receive certificate.

If your get unsatisfactory result in one subtest, you can pass testing for this part again within 2 years, and the payment will be 50% of the total cost of exam. Other components of testing are counted as the results of previous testing. If you haven't passed 2 or more subtests, you need to pass total exam again with 100% payment.


You can pay exam in any branch of Uralsib bank. The payment is made at "City" system. When paying, give the bank teller following information: Bashkir state university, additional education, testing of foreign citizens in Russian language.

The cosr of exam is 5330 rubles

Don't forget to bring your payment receipt for exam.


You can ask any questions about education, content and procedure of testing via email:

Phone 8(347)272-28-67; 8- 917-42-92-311; 8-927-32-49-729


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