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Preparing for exam at mastering Russian language includes 2 levels:

  1. Preparation for state testing of foreign citizens in Russian language for receiving Russan citizenship;
  2. Preparation for state testing for receiving permission to work in Russia and residence permit.

Classes are held in the evening since 7 to 8.30 pm. The cost of studying in group of 8-10 people is 180 rubles for 1 person per 1 academic hour. The amount of hours is calculated individually and depend on the level of mastering Russian language.

Choosing this course, you:

  • get quality preparation at all necessary aspects: vocabulary and grammar, reading, writing, speaking. Special workbooks for preparation to this exam are used, taking into account all difficulties which foreigners usually deal with;
  • master the format of exam. In classes you don't only improve your language skills, but also undergo full preparation including learning the format of exam, which is necessary condition of successfull exam.
  • get opportunity to pass sample test
  • have possibility to get personal consultation.

You can ask any questions about preparation for exam, content and procedure of testing via email:

Phone 8(347)272-28-67; 8- 917-42-92-311; 8-927-32-49-729

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