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Courses of professional retraining for implementing new kind of professional activity "Interpreter in the field of professional communication: Russian-Chinese, Russian-Vietnamese and Russian-Turkish specializations" of distant form of education.

The program includes:

  • Theory of translation;
  • Introduction to linguistics;
  • Bases of Russian language theory;
  • Comparative description of native and Russian languages;
  • Practical course of business Russian language;
  • Practical stylistics of Russian language;
  • Practical courses of professionally oriented translation of

- business documentation;

- publicistic texts;

- economic documentation;

  • political system, history and culture of Russia;
  • elective courses.

Rules and order of studying:

  • This master course is available for foreign citizens who have bachelor's degree in any field, and master Russian language at certification level II;
  • when joining master course foreign citizens should bring:
  1. diploma of specialist or bachelor;
  2. document certifying Russian language mastering
  • terms of studying - 1 year (2 terms)

Having finished these courses, you will receive Bashkir State University's diploma about professional retraining with awarded qualification "Interpreter in the field of professional communication".

What possibilities this diploma provides:

- to work as interpreter of wide range in the field of professional, scientific and scientific-technical communication.

Cost of education - 2000$


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