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We understand that this is one of the most important issues of studying abroad. We will make all possible effort so that your stay in Russia would be most comfortable and nice.

Lodging alternatives:

1. Student hostel of Bashkir State University
Lodging of two students per one room. In student hostel you will find a library and sports facilities, canteen and dentist’s room. On campus there is medical service, health and sports facilities.

2. Family
You will live in a cozy atmosphere of a hospitable Russian family. It is possible to lodge two students in one room.
You will have at your dispense a furnished room, a kitchen and a bathroom. For additional payment you can have a breakfast or a breakfast and a dinner.
If you want to get acquainted with Russian culture, to know Russian people better and to try real Russian food – this is a variant for you!
Advantages of living in the family:
- guarantee of personal safety and safety of personal belongings;
- everyday communication with family members in Russian language;
- getting assistance and consultations from the family members on various questions;
- possibility of using the fridge and the line phone.

3. Renting an apartment
You will live in a typical Russian apartment consisting of a bedroom, kitchen and a bath-room. You can reside there alone or share the apartment with another student.
Monthly rent of a single room apartment starts from 10 000 rubles.

4. Hotel
You can live in one of the hotels in Ufa. You can choose a hotel in the center of the city overlooking broad streets, night clubs and restaurants. If you prefer a quieter place, you can stay in the hotel by the river. In both cases you will live in a comfortable hotel room which is situated not far from the university.

5. Health resorts of Bashkortostan (preferable for summer language courses)
Health resort Yumatovo is the oldest health resort in Bashkortostan. Besides studying language, here you can also receive a course of medical treatment or just try a famous Bashkir milk drink “kumys”.
You can choose to live in a single room or to share a double room. The health resort is si-tuated 30 kilometers from Ufa. It is possible to organize a bus which will take you to the university and back.
More details about the health resort you can learn on its official website:

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