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Online courses of russian language (using Skype)

The courses are meant for those students who do not have possibility to come to Russia to study the language, but who want to study Russian with a professor or to have online consultations.
Online training is as effective as a real training. Online training in Russian language is organized individually with those professors who teach in the university. The same course structure and the same textbooks are used, which are used for training foreign students in Bashkir State University. Training is conducted in the form of communicating with a professor online.
Duration of training may be different depending on the objectives and the level of preparation. Training is conducted in accordance with the program which is created individually.
Training implies not only online communication with a professor, but also independent work of students, i.e. doing exercises covering the material studied during the online class. Studying materials are provided for free.
In order to take up the online course, you need:
  1. To fill in the application form.
  2. To receive the video-call from the professor via Skype and to receive a free consultation in studying Russian language.
  3. To receive an invoice and to pay it.
  4. To send the payment confirmation.
  5. To receive the course program, teaching material for the first lesson, course schedule and time for the first lesson.
  6. To agree on the time of lessons.
  7. To start lessons.


Conditions of online training in the Teaching-Scientific Center RFL (TSC RFL)
  • Training is individual and is conducted by means of video communication via Skype and email.
  • First consultation of the professor (free) is held from Monday till Friday from 10am till 9pm Ufa time.
  • Duration of one lesson is 45 minutes.
  • Time of the lesson is agreed upon with the student, change in time upon the student request is possible.
  • Specialization of the lesson is determined upon the student desire and taking into consideration the results of the consultation. It is possible to specialize in the field you are most interested in: business, computers, transport, etc.
  • Individual program is created.
  • Teaching materials are provided.
  • Home tasks are given.
The student receives the certificate of the Teaching-Scientific Center “RFL” of Bashkir State University.
Online training in Russian language in Bashkir State University allows to solve the following tasks:
  • To receive the first stable knowledge of Russian language (introductory course);
  • To overcome language barriers and to get communication skills in Russian language;
  • To write in Russian and to communicate with Russians via Internet;
  • To read in Russian, to participate in Russian speaking forums, blogs and social networks;
  • To get ready for the trip to Russia and to learn more about this country;
  • To improve your knowledge of Russian language if you have already studied it in your country or in Russia.
Cost of one academic hour (45 minutes):
  • group training (no more than three persons) – 180 rubles per one person for one academic hour (or the sum equivalent to the amount stated above on the day of payment at the rate of the Central Bank of Russia in USD or Euro);
  • individual training – 500 rubles for one academic hour according to the chosen program (or the sum equivalent to the amount stated above on the day of payment at the rate of the Central Bank of Russia in USD or Euro).


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