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procedure of admission and visa registration Main Content

The applicants of the Teaching Scientific Center “Russian as a Foreign Language” should fill in the application form on the website and send the filled application form to the email address or to the mailing address 450074, Russian Federation, Ufa, 32 Validi Str., Teaching Scientific Center “Russian as a Foreign Language”. It is also necessary to send the copy of your passport with translation into Russian not later than a month and half before planned arrival to Russia.
NOTE! According to the decree of the Government of Russian Federation, only those passports can be accepted for Student Visa application, which are valid for 18 months from the visa issue date.
On the basis of these documents the International Department of Bashkir State University formalizes an official invitation in accordance with the rules of inviting foreign citizens to Bashkir State University for study. The original invitation is sent by express mail upon applicant’s request. After receipt of the invitation the applicant should apply to the Russian Embassy where the Student Visa will be issued notifying the university – Bashkir State University.
The applicants, who have a different type of visa or come to study to the university other than Bashkir State University, should not register in TSC “RFL”.
The applicant may also need to provide documents proving their level of education.
Enrolling on the courses of TSC “RFL” is conducted on the basis of the contract, which guarantees the rights of the foreign student to study as well as to use the classrooms, equipment, library, teaching materials, sports and cultural facilities of the universities.

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