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The best way to study Russian language is to come to the country where it is spoken. You will live among the native speakers of the language, you will hear Russian speech, you will communicate and make friends with Russian students and students from other countries.
The Center organizes summer language courses on the basis of Bashkir State University, as well as travelling language courses, which combine recreation activities and intensive training in Russian language.
Tourism is well-developed in Bashkiria: active recreation in the mountains of the South Urals, horse and hiking routes, river tours, and many others. Excursions and tours may be organized upon your desire in addition to the language courses. The professors who teach students accompany them in trips and excursions. Constant communication in Russian language takes place.
The Center offers training in Russian language to the following groups of foreign citizens:
  • Teachers of Russian as a foreign language;
  • University students;
  • College students and high-school students;
  • Businessmen.
The following programs are offered for choice:
  1. Elementary Russian (the course is aimed at the students who did not study Russian language before – elementary level)
  2. Basic Russian (basic level)
  3. Let’s speak correctly (corrective course in lexis and grammar)
  4. Studying grammar in speech practice (elementary level, basic level)
  5. We speak fluent Russian (intensive course of speech practice)
  6. Russian language for business communication (business, commerce, tourism)
  7. Negotiations in Russian (oral and written practice)
  8. Preparation for certification exams (depending on the level of preparation)
  9. Methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language (professional course for teachers of Russian as a foreign language)
Courses take place 4 days a week 6 academic hours per day:
  • 22 hours – practical course (phonetics, grammar, speech practice);
  • 2 hours – special courses on different aspects of Russian language, literature and culture. Wednesday – excursion day.
Our motto is “Everything for the student” – that's why the programs we offer may be changed in terms and content depending on the student’s demand and level of knowledge of Russian language.
Cost is calculated per one person for 4-weeks’ stay. 2-weeks’ training is also possible. The cost includes training (24 hours per week) and a weekly excursion.
Programs 1 - 5 – 15 500 rubles
Programs 6 - 8 – 17 000 rubles
Program 9 – 18 000 rubles
Registration fee is 500 rubles and is paid upon the arrival.
Upon the courses completion the student receives the Certificate of the Teaching Scientific Center “RFL” of Bashkir State University.
In order to take up summer courses, you need:
  1. To fill in the application form here and forward a copy of your passport to the International Department of Bashkir State University no later than 2 months before the courses start. Passport should be valid in the course of no less than 1.5 years (6 months for EU citizens) after the date of supposed arrival to the Russian Federation.
  2. After the receipt of official invitation you should apply to the Russian Embassy in your country for Russian visa.
  3. Bring 4 photos 3x4 cm.

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