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teaching Russian as a foreign language Main Content

Courses of professional retraining for implementing new kind of professional activity "Teaching Russian as a foreign language" with part-time and distance forms of education.

The program includes:

  • linguistic bases of teaching Russian as a foreign language (RFL);
  • psycholinguistic bases of teaching RFL;
  • methods of teaching RFL;
  • language and national worldview;
  • contemporary technologies in teaching RFL;
  • professional portrait of RFL teacher;
  • Russian language in communication activity aspect;
  • theory and practice of language teaching tests;
  • Russian communicative behavior, and other.

Rules and order of studying:

  • courses are available for Russian and foreign citizens who have bachelor's degree in any field or diploma of specialist;
  • for foreign citizens it is necessary to master Russian language at certification level II and higher;
  • for joining courses you need to bring:
  1. diploma of specialist or bachelor;
  2. document which certifies mastering Russian language (for foreign citizens).

Terms of studying:

- for both part-time and distance forms - 1 year (2 terms)

Having finished these courses, you will receive Bashkir State University's diploma about professional retraining with awarded qualification "Teacher of Russian as a foreign language".

What possibilities this diploma provides:

  • to teach foreign citizens Russian language (in Russia and abroad);
  • to work at different firms connected with international activity.


  • part-time form

- for foreign citizens - 2000$.

- for Russian citizens – 45 000 rubles

  • distance form

-  for foreign citizens - 1800$.

- for Russian citizens – 35 000 rubles.



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