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Testing of mastering Russian language Main Content

Currently, in accordance with the world practice, an active testing of foreign citizens for their level of knowledge of Russian language is conducted. Bashkir State University is included in the list of universities, which conduct the assessment of the level of knowledge of Russian as a foreign language. Any person who is not a native speaker of Russian may undergo testing for the level of knowledge of Russian language.
The following people usually undergo testing:
  • Foreign students having an objective to continue their study in the universities of Russia (depending on the objectives the 4-level testing is offered);
  • Foreign citizens who work in Russia;
  • Foreign citizens who want to receive Russian citizenship.
In TSC “RFL” you can:
  • Complete a sample test and learn your results;
  • Receive advice;
  • To take up preparatory training for the test;
  • To undergo testing of the certification level which corresponds to your level of know-ledge of the language and to receive an official Certificate.
The number of academic hours, necessary for preparation, is calculated individually by means of free testing. The criterion for forming the study groups is the same level of mastering the language.

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