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Online testing systems

General test of Russian language: (grammar)

Testing program (grammar exercises complex) of Moscow linguistic centre:

Online test with registration (vocabulary and grammar):

Online training test for elementary, basic, first certification levels of mastering Russian language (I.N. Afanasyeva, L.P. Klobukova, I.I. Yatsenko. ACG, USA, 2004):

Russian language online controlling program for those who are applying for Russian citizenship (vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening) created by Centre for international education of Moscow State University:


Online textbooks, methodical manuals, web applications for textbooks

В эфире Россия (Russia broadcasting) - online interactive textbook using authentic Russian media texts. A. N. Bogomlov. Centre for international education of MSU:

Голоса (Voices) (Robin R., Evans-Romaine K., Shatalina G., Robin J.) – web application for Russian language educational complex "Voices":

Время говорить по-русски! (Time to speak Russian!) Russian language course for beginners:

Russian for everybody (Русский язык для всех) – educational course of Russian language. Russian university of nations friendship, 2000:

Intermediate Russian Exercises:

 Web application for textbook «Russian for Russians» / Olga Kagan, Tatiana Akishina, and Richard Robin. Slavica Publishers,

Russian verb:

Perfective-Imperfective Java Exercises:

Weekly news in simplified Russian / Novosti nedeli na uproshchennom russkom jazyke – a project of the National Capital Language Resource Center. Richard Robin, Natali Bessergeneva:

Reference books, educational portals, resources on Russian culture

Online texts collection of Centre for international education, MSU:

 An Interactive online Russian Reference Grammar. Dr. Robert Beard:

Resources for studying language and culture (Russian Studies Department, Buchnell University) / Dr. Robert Beard:

RussNet. Educational portal of American Russian language teachers association: Educational portal with different types of online teaching resources on Russian language for elementary, intermediate and advanced levels:

Russian Language Mentor. Resource center for foreign students containing educational materials on Russian grammar, literature, culture, and different kinds of speech activity (reading, writing, listening):

Russian resources. George Mitriyevsky's resource centre (USA) contains illustrative materials on Russian art (architecture, iconography), online grammar training exercises, crossword puzzles:

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